CRAIG MACLEOD (CM) is a high end photographer based in California.

CM is characterised like all artists by the quality and style of his work and the current web portfolio is an excellent example of this. CM’s work is often described as beautiful, powerful, elegant, classy and masculine with most of the subjects within his work being male models/dancers who are able to demonstrate feats of strength by creating shapes with their bodies that create a mood and depth to an image. This also adds flow and movement to each piece. Other pieces in his portfolio also include high fashion and style pieces and the style of his work has long been established and so has the medium in which he works. This is largely composed of black and white (predominantly) and colour photography.

A brand was required to capture the style of his work, the artist himself as well as the sector he works within and a typographic solution was decided upon. A subtle brand device has been included within the typography that highlights this. The ‘O’ is a subtle lens shape.

  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Brand guidelines
Negative colour scheme.
Alternate background colour.
Use of the logo on an image to advertise the artists work.
Alternate layouts to compress the logo for use in tighter spaces.
The same compression but on an alternate background.
Black and White versions to widen the scope of applications.
As well as CRAIG MACLEOD, MACLEOD IMAGES has been setup as the arm of the business that sells the imagery.
The brand guidelines demonstrate the overall use of the brand and imagery.
The use of green and gold to add depth and mood.
Impactful imagery with minimal text and typography layouts.

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