BMR is a Bristol based recruitment company specialising in the Engineering and Manufacturing sector. Their company culture is one of inclusion, fun and fairness whereby, they look after their experts and they, in turn provide the business with hard work and dedication. If the business succeeds, they all succeed. They have built this new brand as a team and believe in building and nurturing client relationships to advance as one.

BMR required a vibrant, versatile and modern brand that would represent their company culture and their ability to adapt as a business to the needs of their clients. A fluid brand style was developed that then spawned several sub brand entities that will represent the sectors they will cater and specialise in delivery for.

  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • Brand guidelines
Primary colour scheme.
This also works on darker backgrounds.
Flat colour scheme.
Line drawn variation.
Single colour variation.
Single colour outline variation.
White and black.
Black and white.
These are the sub brand logos that sit under the umbrella brand. Each has the title of their sector as well as different colour scheme.
They also work on darker backgrounds like the umbrella brand and a version exists in all other variations.
The brand guidelines demonstrates layout design using the brand and its assets.
The imagery used is that of the home city of BMR but we experimented to find imagery that offered more depth and interesting view points that the usual cliches.
Filters have been applied to make the brand asset appear glossy and glass like and the tones work well over imagery to convey the brand and compliment and not dominate.

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