Agile Licensing Library (ALL)

Agile Licensing Library (ALL) is an Agile Learning and resource platform that encourages sharing of resources, knowledge and information to a global audience.

The content on offer:

– Books

– Exams

– Documents/Courses

It is a safe space for creators of quality, cutting edge content to share what they have created and license it for others to use. ALL protect the creator above all and apply value to the resources they create to create a revenue stream for them.

The brief was to create a brand that would be both approachable and friendly, a sense of community and sharing, while also representing the professional, serious side of licensing and the respect for others’ creations. The brand mark is intentionally built of aspects of what ALL provide to creators and users, information in the form of books, documents but what also needed to be represented was the ‘Afters’. The fact that whoever used the platform and the information within would improve themselves, their knowledge and their experience in their chosen field.

  • Logo Design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Infographics
Single colour with depth
Single colour
9 Values = 9 colours
These symbols come in all 9 brand colours
Used to separate sections of the website into services
Used in marketing to represent services on offer
Accreditation badge for ALL licensees
Brand guidelines
Brand guidelines

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