Life Media

LIFE Media UK are a premium video and media agency based in Bristol. They have an extremely creative team who provide video marketing for businesses like, video testimonials for websites, premium advertising videos, show reels etc. They have been in business a number of years and have used a brand image that they created themselves and grew accustomed to so change was a huge a deal for them to take on but they knew it had to happen. It was a tricky project because of this and they knew exactly what they didn’t want but had no idea what they did want!

Services Provided
  • Logo design
  • Brand assets

We went through a thorough fact finding process from the outset and helped them to realise what they stood for and how they viewed themselves and this provided me with the creative ammo I needed to go ahead.

An intensive concept process then followed with a great deal of experimentation with colour and form because from the fact find they expressed a keen interest in the ‘elements’, especially water.

Layered over film
Layered over film

The outcome from all of the experimentation is one the client has expressed a huge amount of pride in and it was an absolute pleasure working with such a creative, passionate company to create their vision!

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