This was a fun brief and project to work on. The brand is for a Digital Marketing agency in Bristol and the brief was to create a brand identity that was fun, modern and also very literal in its execution.

The first thing mentioned in the briefing/discovery session was, ‘we want a dog’ in our identity. The dog theme created, forms a narrative as to how the company operates in simple terms. The dog races to fetch you a new lead for your business and brings it back (the ball) and is then eager to find and retrieve another (stood proud and wagging its tail). The way the business itself operates to find those leads is obviously more in depth and very strategic, helping businesses get the most from their investment so the return is as high as possible.

  • Logo design
Dog has returned with a new lead and is keen to find another.
Dog racing to fetch a new lead.
Full logo with dog and ‘fetched lead’ in play.
Versions available also in white (negative)
Versions available also in white (negative)
Communication and intelligence
Speed and accuracy
Enthusiasm and energy

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