BRAND AFFINITI (Self Branding)

Brand Affiniti is a term in design for the emotional relationship your clients have with your product/service/business.

The brand illustrates this in the 3 shapes representing the dots on the ‘i’s. The smallest dot represents good marketing, design and direction, often the missing piece within a business. The ring represents a business with this piece missing and in a low position. The missing piece fits into this business and elevates it to a higher position.

This brand is a visual representation of what we offer our clients.

  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • Brand assets
Echoed in a second way are the two ‘F’s that are joined. This subtly represents the aspect of relationships that Brand Affiniti stands for. It is a visual to represent care and my values when working with a client.
A new direction for the brand, here is the three dot concept now visualised in a more interesting way. The larger ring shape representing the client and the priority we give to them.

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