The Hayes Parsons Group consists of three companies; Admiral Marine, Hayes Parsons Insurance BrokersĀ and CMTIA. Each company has their own specialism and provides bespoke insurance solutions.

A new website was under development and required a bespoke set of symbols that would add more visual content to the site and illustrate the various services the company had to offer. Each set of symbols required a different colour scheme to represent each of the companies within the Hayes Parsons Group umbrella.

The brand is very modern as well as the industry sector they are in so a contrasting style was used that made the symbols stand out while not being overbearing. A modern style with a sketched tone, changing line thickness and off-centre shading made each symbol more interesting to view than the usual uniform styling we are used to.

  • Infographics
The consistent primary colour is the navy blue in the outline.
Then two tones of the sub brand tone, in this case teal, is used to add depth.
We wanted to achieve a balance between hand drawn and precise so line filters were created to achieve this.
Each symbol in this project also exists in 4 other colours.

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